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Congregate Living Health Facilities (CLHFs) are defined as a residential home with a capacity of no more than six beds, which provides inpatient care, including the following basic services: medical supervision, 24-hour skilled nursing and supportive care, pharmacy, dietary needs, social and recreational activities. The primary need of CLHF residents shall be for availability of skilled nursing care on a recurring, intermittent, extended, or continuous basis. The care is generally less intense than that provided in general acute care hospitals but more intense than that provided in skilled nursing facilities. Our Congregate living health facilities provide one of the following services:

Services to persons who are mentally alert, physically disabled, who may be ventilator dependent

Services for persons who are catastrophically and severely disabled. A catastrophically and severely disabled person means a person whose origin of disability was acquired through trauma or non-degenerative neurologic illness, for whom it has been determined that active rehabilitation would be beneficial and for whom these services would be provided. Services offered by a CLHF to a catastrophically disabled person shall include, but not be limited to, speech, physical, and occupational therapy

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We save our payers approximately 40% when compared to Hospital or Acute care.

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