Get to know us and our congregate living health facilities.

Our Services

CLHF Home services include: home nursing care, sophisticated equipment, and highly trained medical staff.

Our Congregate Living Health Facilities are quality customized alternatives to hospitalization, nursing home placement, or home nursing care. This dramatic difference is felt the moment you walk through our doors.

When you combine this true home and family environment with sophisticated equipment and highly trained medical staff, you are left with a true recipe for a fast and speedy recovery.

  • Pulmonary (including vent care and wearning, trach care)
  • Burn Care
  • Complex Wound Care
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Acquired Brain Injuries
  • Congenital Disorder
  • Amputee Care
  • Neuromuscular Care
  • Orthopedically Complex
  • High-Intensity Rehabilitation
  • Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy

Our care is generally less intense than that provided in general acute care hospitals but more intense than that provided in skilled nursing facilities.

Congregate Living Health Facility (CLHF) Homes Staffing:.

CLHF Homes Staffing:

Medical Director: Dr. Suman N Patel oversees and monitors the quality and appropriateness of care for every CLHF Facility resident. Dr. Patel is available to administration and floor staff for all residents medical concerns. He regularly visits every facility and resident every other day and is on call 24 hours a day for any emergency need. He works closely with all administrative staff and CLHF Homes CEO to make sure we give the best quality of care to all our residents.

Pulmonologist: Dr. Anwar, along with his Nurse Practitioner Singh Chima. Our pulmonary team manages all our tracheostomy and ventilator patients. Each pulmonary patient is visited and assessed weekly. They monitor each pulmonary patient’s plan of care and progress. While they are heavily focused on our residents with cardiopulmonary needs, they are available to assist Dr. Patel in the overall treatment of each CLHF Homes resident. Our pulmonary team follows the patient's progress and are available for consults and follow-ups until the patient is safely discharged.

Psychiatry and Neurology: Dr. Fawzy Basta is scheduled to visit each facility monthly. Dr. Basta assesses every patient with a mental, emotional, or neurological disorder. He evaluates each resident to set up an individualized plan of care. He is available on a 24/7 basis to all administration and floor staff to ensure that all residents receive the proper care and treatment to meet their needs.

Director of Nursing: Our professional and experienced Directors of Nursing oversee each facility by leading and supervising the nursing staff. They ensure that our facilities follow professionally set standards including state and federal regulatory requirements to ensure that our residents receive safe and appropriate care. They plan and direct the nursing program and ensure that the staff receives continued education and support. DONs assist the physicians with treatment planning and direct the nursing staff to provide the appropriate plan of care. They maintain relationships with residents and families to keep them well informed and educated about their condition. The DONs provide leadership and knowledge ensuring that the CLHF Homes standard is upheld.

CLHF Homes Staffing Cont.:

Therapy: We have a team of professional and experienced Respiratory Therapists. Our R/T team works closely with all our directors to provide the highest level of respiratory care to all our patients. All respiratory patients are seen minimum once a week by one of our R/T’s. Our R/T’s are available on call 24/7 for any patient’s needs. Our lead RT admits all respiratory patients and does routine visits and trach changes in all our locations. We also have R/T’s available to assist with transportation to and from any doctor’s visits, dialysis appointments, and even activities when needed.

PT,OT, and ST are available for all our patients. Visits as per MD orders.

Our Registered Dietitian evaluates all dietary needs upon admission, quarterly, and as needed.

Administrative Nurses: Each home as an Administrative Nurse. Our Admin Nurses oversee staffing and scheduling for the facility. They help coordinate admissions and communicate with the managed care SNF case managers. Our Admin nurses handle the patient's case management needs, oversee all discharge planning, arrange all appointments, transportation, dialysis, and much more.

In addition, each home has one Nurse and one Nurse Assistant on the floor always.

All our Nurses are ventilator and tracheostomy certified and receive on going sub-acute training.